Preserving values – Hot-dip galvanizing

Why zinc?

Hot-dip galvanizing according to the DIN ISO 1641 specification is for year the best prevention for corrosion of steel. The Maschinen- und Behälterbau GmbH delivers pressure vessels with diameters of up to 2,400 mm, 7 meter length, part weight up to 6 to and also hot-dip galvanized.


The reaction between steel and the liquid zinc melt leads to a formation multi-phase solid iron-zinc layer, which is resistant against mechanical and corrosive impacts.

  • The iron zinc phases show larger hardness than the substrate

  • The removal rate of the zinc layer during corrosion load is low

  • Through the cathodic protective effect of zinc and in case of a destruction of the zinc layer, no steel corrosion will occur ("self-healing effect")

DIN EN ISO 1461 states that the main reason of batch galvanizing provides corrosion protection. Considered aesthetics are secondary. The protection effect of the zinc layer has clearly a priority. If the optical appearance should be a requirement, both parties should define them upfront.


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